Project management skills seem to come naturally to engineers and IT specialists (although if you follow the press you might think otherwise!) but often seem anathema to professions like the law. However, effective project management is a key skill for anyone involved in running sizeable transactions, lawyers, managers and engineers alike. This one day Project Management Workshop provides a crash course covering:

  • Setting parameters for the project
  • Budgeting and controlling costs
  • The iron triangle - controlling quality, time and costs
  • Work breakdown summaries
  • Creating a timeline and establishing the critical path
  • Team communication
  • Building the optimum project team
  • Leading and motivating
  • Effective delegation and supervision
  • Post-project reviews - capturing know-how
Benefits of Project Management Skills Training

This course provides a how-to plan for running projects. It is recommended for anyone leading projects or teams and can be used as initial training or to improve existing skills.

"I've had nothing but positive feedback, so thank you for making it so interesting for everyone."

HR Officer - London Law Firm