Research has shown for many years that it typically costs eight times as much to win work from a new client as it does to win repeat business from an established client. Yet time and again professional organisations lose sight of basic client care rules, and fail to hold onto some of their best clients. This half-day workshop addresses this by covering:

  • Why clients leave
  • How to make clients feel valued
  • Ethical cross-selling
  • Detecting the danger signs
  • Running an effective client relationship management programme
Benefits of CLient Care Training

This course is recommended to Managers with Client Responsibility. The benefits of Client Care Training are to help managers retain more clients and to win more business from your existing client base.

Our Company recently contracted John to work with one of our senior managers who was experiencing difficulties in influencing and persuading her UK colleagues using business emails that contained both sensitive and complex information. After only one coaching session with John, her entire perspective changed and she is now receiving positive feedback on her communication skills. However, it was her feedback to me that was telling: "John was the first person to truly understand me and the problems I have been experiencing - it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders". I have no hesitation in recommending John."

International Solicitors, London